GASH's State-of-the Art

Animated GIF / Embedded MIDI 1-D Theatre

<BGSOUND src="file.mid">

Scene List:

  1. Jake joins Grace and Spellman, and a Thanator attacks them
  2. Jake is rescued by Neytiri, who brings him to Mo'at
  3. Quaritch uses Jake as a spy
  4. Jake is initiated into the Navi
  5. Trudy frees Jake, Grace and Spellman from jail, and Quaritch shoots Grace
  6. Jake tames a Toruk
  7. Jake and the Navi pray for Grace but she dies
  8. Jake summons a Navi army through prayer
  9. Human troops kill the Navi, but are killed by a host of wild animals
  10. Quaritch tries to kill Jake, but Neytiri kills Quaritch
  11. Jake's mind is transferred to his Navi avatar; he and Neytiri live happily ever after
Music: REM, "Losing My Religion"