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Last Update: August 2007
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Basic Tactics Strategy
  • Disruptions
  • Lightning and Fireball
  • Resistance (new)
  • Invisibility (FM)
  • Monsters (new)
  • Endgame Tactics (new)
  • Defense – Amnesia (new)
  • Defense – Permanency
  • Defense – Monsters (new)
  • Shadowcasting and Initiative (FM)
  • Decision Points and Gestures
  • Reactive Thinking (new)
  • Soft Control and Targetting (new)
  • Strategic Axioms
  • Intermediate Tactics Rules & Metagame Issues
  • On Openings
  • Exploring D/P vs. D/P
  • FOD & TaliFOD
  • Para/Antispell (new)
  • Blindness (new)
  • Defense – Disease
  • Defense – FF Para/FOD (FM)
  • Defense – FC Para/FOD
  • ELO Adjustment Chart
  • Undocumented Spell Interactions
  • Becoming a Better Warlock
  • Discussion – Analyzing Moves (new)
  • Discussion – Building an AI (new)
  • Advanced Tactics Histories
  • Analysis – Invisibility
  • Deconstructing the Opening (new)
  • Overview of Openings (new)
  • Analysis – D/P vs. D/P (new)
  • Analysis – S/W vs. DSF/FOD (new)
  • From Spellbinder to Waving Hands
  • Warlocks Timeline (updated)
  • History of Black Rose
  • History of the Order of Shadows
  • History of the Cabal of the Phoenix
  • History of the Ladder from Pig to Prioli
  • Hall of Fame
  • Historic Battles & Tournaments
  • 15552, 15651, 15671 — Taliesin topples Pig
  • 21459 — 73 melee points go poof
  • 22939 — the DeathEx-Prioli incident
  • xxxxx — Tchichi and Taliesin, at the top of the ladder, kill each other
  • 28511 — Prioli topples Taliesin
  • 42571 — Tchichi and Taliesin, at the top of the ladder, kill each other again (43 points lost)
  • 2004 World Championships
  • Warlock's Refuge Tournament 2006
  • Covens and Other Organizations
  • RavenBlackGames (the official listserv)
  • d-1337 (hosted by Dubber)
  • s-lect [new]
  • The Guild of the Black Art (founded by Freesoul) [new]
  • The Cabal of the Phoenix (founded by Taliesin and Emrys)
  • Defunct Groups
  • Black Rose (headed by Dubber)
  • Black Rose Coven (was led by Kryptonite)
  • The Brotherhood (led by Maven)
  • The Eristocratic Order of Mages (led by CodProphet)
  • The Guild of Szha (was led by SzhaAhlkar)
  • The Korps of Chaos
  • The Order of Twilight (was led by Grimsbane)
  • The Order of Shadows (was led by Mooncalf, WOGHD, Emrys, and Akuma)
  • RavenBlack-Magic (founded by Mooncalf)
  • The Sacred Order of Magickal Jellybeans
  • The Scribe of Sorcery (founded by Gandledorf)
  • The Triple Digit Dead Club (ruled by Ozymandius)
  • Warlocks_General
  • Warlocks Federation (was led by Witch)
  • Warlocks High Council (was briefly controlled by WOGHD)
  • Warlocks RP League (founded by Gandledorf)
  • Warlocks School (was run by WOGHD and Kryptonite)
  • Warlocks University (founded by Gandledorf and Mordrell)
  • Miscellaneous Waving Hands Links (mostly defunct)
  • Original Waving Hands rules
  • Spellcast
  • Firetop Mountain
  • FM Tool
  • Spellcast: Deathmatch
  • wxSpellcast
  • Finger of Death

  • Crest of the old Warlocks University
    "Warlocks is like a post-fallout science fiction world. There are artifacts everywhere: orders and yahoogroups that have all but died, fabled rumours of the master warlocks of yore, profiles with arcane references to old scandals and forgotten aliases. There are these bizarre social structures, sticking out like fallen skyscrapers in the mud, but isolation reigns."
    — Slartucker, during the Winter
    What's in a Name?
  • Alaric, king of the Visigoths
  • Anduril, flame of the west
  • CalicoJack, English pirate
  • Citanest, local anaesthetic
  • Derfel, warrior of the cauldron
  • Dubber, recordian thief
  • Emrys, child of light
  • ExDeath, nihilist tree
  • Fladriff, Ent
  • Gandledorf, voluntarily used megavillain
  • Geshtinana, underworld proxy
  • Grep, search utility
  • Maven, raven guru
  • MurOllavan, city of the learned
  • Nawglan, the sacred nine
  • Nicodemus, born again back then
  • Ozymandius, King of Kings
  • Prioli, Prince of Light
  • Rasteroid, red asteroid
  • Sasuke, monkey jump ninja
  • Slartucker, of the Campaign for Real Time
  • Spacca, invective
  • Surial, angel of death
  • Taliesin, radiant brow
  • Toyotami, ambitious Japanese warlord
  • Vermont, green mountain
  • Woghd, Wrath of God Hand Delivered (!)
  • Xade, the perfect man
  • Yaron, merry
  • Zedar, the Apostate
  • Zeruel, 14th angel to attack Tokyo
  • Zugzwang, zugzwang
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